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3 Reasons to Wear your Logo Every Day

Realtors are good examples for usign logowear to sell 24-7.

Realtors often use logowear to sell 24-7, shouldn't you?

You already know that wearing your organization’s logo is great for identifying you staff and building team spirit, but that’s for office hours and weekdays, right?  Though it’s a must to look professional when you are on the job, with the comfortable, stylish, and functional apparel that’s available to your garment decorator, there’s no reason not to wear your logo out shopping, in the gym, at sporting events, or anywhere!  More to the point, here are 3 reasons why you and your employees can and should wear your logo every day and everywhere.

1. Brand Recognition

We all know how much good traffic and signage can change how well your business is known in your local community, but what if you could walk your sign around town? When you foster team spirit by rewarding your employees with cool and comfortable ways to wear your logo in their off-time, you can do just that!

2. Personal Recognition

If you want to make sure that you are on the top of everyone’s mind, you have to be seen and identified with your company!  When you wear your logo, every errand becomes a chance for your community to see and recognize you as a representative of your business! Start wearing your logo and soon enough you will be the local go-to expert for your field.

3. Starting the Conversation

If someone is interested in your company or group, wearing your logo is an invitation to open up a conversation about what you do.  Carry business cards and make sure you have a solid 30 second pitch for your business, and even the most hurried trip can be a chance for prospecting! Even if the initial contact isn’t promising, the next time your prospect needs your service, or knows someone who does, your face is in mind and your card is in hand!

At Black Duck, we can create any look from the most casual sports and gym-wear to the most formal business attire. We have solutions for any situation. So, whether you want polo shirts for the golf course, embroidered caps and jackets to fight the winter chill, or the time-tested t-shirt for employee giveaways and promotions, we can provide you with the eye-catching design and execution you need to get noticed.  Call us at (505) 884-3656 and mention the blog to get started with one of our experts in sales!

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