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The Black Duck Difference – Quality

Socorro Detention Center, Theirs vs. Ours

A competitor's work (left) vs. Black Duck's work (right) They might be the same image, but execution makes all the difference.

Sometimes it doesn’t take many words to make a point. At Black Duck, our point is to make your logo look professional and polished, so that you can make an impression without worrying what your decorated apparel says about you.

One of our customers that supplies correctional institutions learned the hard way the difference between getting cheap work and getting their money’s worth, and it only takes a glance at our example to understand. Having already purchased a digitized design from a competitor, they originally chafed to have their digitizing redone, but their reward became obvious when the new logo brought increased orders from their customer.

Even with a simple, single-color logo such as the seal pictured here, attention to detail and skillful interpretation can make the difference between a clean, professional appearance and an illegible, unrecognizable mess. Our competitor might be cheap and quick, but so is the appearance of their finished product.

When you rely on your apparel to identify you, to promote your brand, and show your pride, you don’t want a poorly decorated garment telling those around you that your logo, and by extension your company,  doesn’t matter enough to get the job done right.

From the most simple text to the most detailed images, Black Duck treats every logo like their own, no matter the size of the order.  We let the high quality of our work speak for us every day.  Give us a chance and it can speak for you too.

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