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Home on the Range : Black Duck Success Stories

[By popular request, we’re re-running edited versions of some of our “success stories” from an e-mail ad campaign that we did in recent years.  Here’s the first of a few of these fun thumbnail sketches of our apparel solutions that just might help you see what Black Duck can do for you. -ed]

Home on the RANGE

The Range Cafe staff looks great with gear from Black Duck

When it came time for the Range Café to pack up their wagons and move their Wyoming location to the new homestead across the street, they knew it was time for their old logos and signage to get out of Dodge. They came to us with a picture from the sign shop and ordered the whole enchilada; tees, polos, and aprons!

Custom Screen Printed Tee

Custom Screen Printed Tee

Waist Apron with Pockets

Waist Apron with Pockets

Good for them, the skilled staff at Black Duck knew just how to make their sign come alive in stitches and ink. In no time they had the finest embroidery and screen-printing on a herd of top-shelf garments in every color under the sun.

When we were finished, the Range Café had new embroidered polos and aprons for their employees and the best silk-screened promotional tees in the great Southwest!

When it comes time to circle the wagons and take a stand against the competition, remember that Black Duck can ride for your brand. No matter what you need to set up shop, we’ve got you covered, partner.

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