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Black Duck's Embroidery - Always in Fashion

What many of our loyal customers may not know is that Black Duck’s work has become a staple in industry magazines.  Now, when Fall’s brisk mornings turn our customer’s minds to getting a new warm jacket, (embroidered with their company’s logo, of course) , we’d like to give you one last look at summer with a recap of Black Duck’s summer splashes in the garment industry magazines. -ed

Turquoise tank with Rhinestones and Metallic Embroidery

This Turquoise tank was a Stunner with Rhinestones and Metallic Embroidery (click for detail)

For a lot of people in Albuquerque, it’s easy to define Black Duck. Ask about that place off of the interstate with the big black and yellow sign with the origami bird, and “That’s that T-shirt place” or “my boss gets polo shirts with our logo from them” is mostly what you’ll hear. Though it is indeed true that we provide countless t-shirts to local companies, clubs, teams and events, and that we crank out thousands upon thousands of corporate logo-emblazoned polo shirts, there is a lot more to Black Duck than corporate logos and plain printed tees.

When Stitches Magazine was looking for embroidered garments to feature in a full-on fashion shoot with an honest-to-goodness model this summer, they looked to none other than Black Duck’s own Erich Campbell to design and decorate some of their favorite apparel of the season.   Now, even some of us at Black Duck were amazed that a publication housed in New York, arguably one of the most important centers of the fashion world, would look to an apparel decoration company out of Albuquerque, New Mexico to create designs for their magazine- but we couldn’t have been happier with both the work that Erich created and the finished look of the photos!

The first selection was a great ribbed tank top that Erich decorated with colored metallic threads and hand-set rhinestones. The design, sadly obscured a bit by the outerwear, was inspired by the hilt of a Vendel period (think pre-Viking Scandinavian) sword and shield mounts.

The second set of designs were a mix between corporate and fashion, using an argyle theme dreamed up by Dave Tapp of Albuquerque’s own upscale joint, Nob Hill Bar and Grill. Erich ran with the design, starting with the original cap and wristband that was used for uniforms, ultimately expanding and recreating the argyle design as a rough-cut jersey-knit applique on a sexy-but-simple lightweight fitted tee.

Nob Hill Bar and Grill's awesome Argyle Designs

Nob Hill Bar and Grill's awesome Argyle Designs (click for detail)

The third piece from the shoot that made the mag was a short, sweatshirt-fleece skirt. Erich decided to go simple and light, digitizing a pair of ostrich feathers freehand from an image scrounged from a 1920’s book on millinery (ladies’ hat-making). Run in a neon metallic pink and a sparkling twisted thread of metallic red and black, the feathers had great contrast and texture.

Mini-Sweatskirt with Ostrich Feather Design

Mini-Sweatskirt with Ostrich Feather Design (click for detail)

Now, we don’t expect that most of you will stop ordering polo shirts and start outfitting your employees, teammates, and club members in runway-inspired uniforms, not that we wouldn’t have fun putting them together.  Here’s the reason we think you should care about our little fashion show: If we can do this, imagine what we can do for your logo? We invest ourselves in everything we do, whether it’s high fashion for a photo shoot in New York or the little store just off of San Mateo, we do all we can to make your apparel look good. Just remember, when you are trying to make a great first impression, the quality apparel from Black Duck is always in fashion.

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