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3 Uses for Custom Patches - We've got you Covered

Regulators Patches - Custom Shaped Banner Rockers and Logo

Custom patches are not just for bikers, but they do make great ones!

Everyone knows the classic uses for embroidered patches. Military uniforms are covered in them, police officers almost always have a few, and motorcycle clubs have the biggest, baddest patches around.  Though, as evidenced by the picture on the right, we can indeed and do make all of these patches, not everybody fees like patches can serve their needs.  As much as we love to do direct embroidery and printing on garments, there are several reasons why you may want to consider patches as a useful addition to your decorated apparel arsenal!

First, if you have garments that wear out  faster than the embroidery on them fades, you might want to sew on and reuse logo patches. We’ve done patches for landscapers’ jackets and restaurant workers’ aprons for just those reasons. As much as we would love to make you new garments, sometimes we understand that you may need to make your decoration investment stretch.  The same strategy works for folks whose patches show their age before the garments to which they are attached; just ask the bikers about how long their leather vests last beyond the life of polyester thread. Many’s the time we’ve recreated a frayed patch for a vest with many miles left in it.

Second, if you have a new logo and your uniforms are far from finished, you may want to cover up your old logo with an embroidered patch! Even if you are transitioning to new, direct-embroidered garments, we can use the same digitized logo file to embroider your new gear as we do to create the patches. This way, you can save money on replacing the quality garments you have left, and if it turns out you just want to replace your old stock or replace each piece as it wears, we can find you a great deal on those new uniforms and be ready to start embroidering, all without a second setup fee!

Finally, you may need patches if you want to place an embroidered logo on something that we can’t fit on to an embroidery machine or that we can’t put a needle through. If you have a great golf bag with no pocket access, we can still create a monogrammed leather patch to adhere front and center. We can even make it appear to be sewn to the bag!  No matter the placement, no matter the garment or accessory, we can find a way to attach your patch!

Whether you need to trade out jackets, cover up a dated logo, or take embroidery somewhere it’s never gone before, patches may be the answer. And when your question is “Where do I get custom patches?”,  Black Duck is definitely the answer. From one-off custom-shapes to the old standard insignias, Black Duck has got you covered, even better than that old logo is about to be.

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