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Rhinestone Logos – Is your company ready to bling?

Imagine your logo re-created as a field of sparkling crystals, the light glinting off of each one as your employees or customers move around, not only as walking billboards, but as shimmering ambassadors of your brand!  It may not be for everyone, but many spas, restaurants, resorts, salons, and even national real-estate companies have decided […]

Check out Pantone’s Spring 2012 Colors

Those masters of color at Pantone have released their latest report on the colors that will shape apparel and accessories in the season to come! It’s no surprise to see their 2012 pick for color of the year, Tangerine Tango, featured heavily in their designer-made collections, but what does it mean for business apparel?  It’s […]

Product Spotlight: The Glacier Soft-Shell Jacket

Even the mannequin looks fantastic!

Does your company’s outerwear look as good as it works? Is is versatile and yet have that professional, styled look you crave? If not, keep reading- The Glacier Soft-Shell jacket isn’t one of our bestsellers without good reason.

With the New Mexico weather fluctuating from frosty to spring-like in a matter […]

Black Duck – Cover Artists for Stitches Magazine!

(Now that we have author tags enabled for the upcoming addition of new blog contributors from the shop, I’ll be writing this post in the first person, seeing as it’s about my project!  -EC)

Stitches Magazine – Featuring the work of Black Duck!

I’m happy to announce that the January issue of the matchless […]