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Fair Use and Free Art: Misconceptions about Copyright – For Customers

(This is an edited version of an article that appeared on my blog for Stitches Magazine, redirected toward customer education. – EC)

Copyright is a sticky subject- luckily I got this image from the public domain material at Wikimedia Commons

We often encounter requests to reproduce copyrighted images in our trade, and for flagrant violations  (for […]

Distressed Applique – Get that Vintage Collegiate Look!


The right mix of fit and vintage finish makes this sport sweatshirt a winner.

We’ve got another gem from the new offerings we’re taking to this year’s Keller Williams Family Reunion that we’d like to show you. We created this show-stopping sweatshirt, complete with extremely distressed applique to get that vintage athletic apparel feeling for all the folks from Keller Williams. Long […]