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Embroidery Innovators at Black Duck Premier new 3D Product for EnMart

When the decorated apparel industry looks for new techniques and styles, Albuquerque’s own Black Duck is always on their radar. When the illustrious EnMart, suppliers of quality products for the embroidery and heat-printing industries wanted to launch their entirely new product for producing three-dimensional embroidery, they only had one decorator (and digitizer 😉 )  in mind!

The excellent folks at EnMart sent us a sample roll of Q-104, an amazing water-soluble topping that allows embroiderers to stitch high-impact three-dimensional designs in a cool, loose and vintage style on just about anything. Little did we know that the days of only having the option to leave heavy foam products behind our dimensional embroidery were about to be over! Now, we can create big, 3D designs even on garments as light as a t-shirt– as evidenced by both our all-original ‘Dream Big, Stay Bold’ and ‘Lotus and Aum’ designs shown below!

Q-104 doesn’t replace 3D foam– when customers have heavier garments and hats, and they want the high-dimension, shiny finish, and durability of the traditional method, we’ll still suggest (and expertly design and execute) 3D foam decoration. That said, for vintage, distressed styles and light 3D effects, Q-104 is awesome, and for the next short while, Black Duck is literally the only place to go if you want in on the Q-104 action. Black Duck is proud to be first in the industry to use this fine product and first to bring it to you!

(Many thanks to EnMart and their awesome marketing diva Kristine Shreve for the opportunity to design with Q-104, and to my wife Celeste (who may have wished she hadn’t married an embroidery designer during late night stitching sessions) for taking these fantastic pictures of our finished samples. -EC)

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