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Black Duck in Stitches Magazine's Top Shops 2015

Stitches Magazine's Top Shops logo

Black Duck Screen Printing and Embroidery earned another national honor as Stitches Magazine saw fit to select us as one of only four shops featured in their recent list of ‘Top Shops’ for 2015, taking the first position in the article. Hailed as ‘The Problem Solvers’, Black Duck was selected both for our ability to find solutions for the most difficult apparel decoration and fulfillment problems and our desire to serve local businesses, sports teams, and individual customers with the same care and attention to detail as our large national and multinational clients or our fun and flashy clients in the burgeoning New Mexico film industry.

The Problem Solvers - Black Duck in Stitches Magazine

Black Duck appears in the March/April issue of Stitches Magazine as ‘The Problem Solvers’

Not only did Stitches Magazine select us based both on our volume of sales and production as well as our innovative practices, we were honored to be recommended by several of our customers for the spot in the Top Shops ranking. One of our long-standing customers, Chris Martin of Crane Service gave a glowing review of our work replicating his company’s detailed heavy machinery for apparel decoration, saying, “For them to accurately represent that through stitching is quite difficult, but Black Duck and their team are able to do that. They’re able to replicate our designs into screen printing, embroidery or a little bit of both. We hold them to extremely high standards.” We couldn’t have been happier to see our customer stating that we meet those high standards, because we set very high personal standards for our own work. To quote co-owner Doug Bird, “Good enough is never good enough around here.”

Marks Crane and Rigging Crane Jacket Embroidery Sample

This large jacket-back crane embroidery is an example of the work that makes Crane Services trust Black Duck.

For more quotes from both Dana and Doug Bird and more about our origins, our beloved collection of employees and customers here at Black Duck, and the reasons Stitches chose us, the full article can be found here. If you’d like to benefit from the experience and dedication that made us one of Stitches Magazines’ top screen printing and embroidery shops, all you have to do is get in touch. Whether you need promotional products, uniforms, or even printed and stitched props, we’d love to be your personal ‘Problem Solvers’.

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