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Black Duck Embroiders Performance Polo for Wearables Magazine Cover

When you want to represent ‘The Perfect Order’, you can always call on Black Duck Embroidery and Screen Printing. At least, that’s what the good people of Wearables Magazine decided for their most recent cover art! Our award-winning embroidery digitizer and our team of expert embroiderers set about making a simple embroidery as stunning as possible for Wearables’ ‘The Perfect Order’ article, in which we were also featured as contributors.

Wearables June 2015 cover featuring embroidery by Black Duck Embroidery and Screen Printing - Black Duck Embroiders for many industry magazines.In order to achieve the right look for the cover, our digitizer, Erich Campbell, broke the mold of the average left-chest logo, – making the decoration larger than Black Duck embroiders for most customers, ensuring that a full-front shot of the cover model would still allow the text to be legible and the graphic to have impact. “We increased the size somewhat so that it would photograph well and convey its message at a distance,” he said in the text accompanying the cover, “If you know that your client’s garments will be viewed at a distance or that their particular profession or market segment allows for bold decorations, don’t be afraid to break out of the standard sizes or placements.”

Wearables June 2015 cover explanation featuring quotes and embroidery from Black Duck -  - Black Duck Embroiders for many industry magazines.If you are looking to create embroidered performance polos with the impact and attention to detail shown in this stunning cover piece, Black Duck is ready and willing to answer your call for the best decoration on any and all apparel and accessories. Contact us when you are ready to get the perfect answer to your decoration questions!


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