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Promotional Products Package: Zozobra

Attention is what promotional products are all about!

It’s no secret that promotional products get your name and image out into the public eye and provide a great deal of return.  Each time your image is seen costs less for promotional products than almost any other form of advertising. That’s why, even in our largely digital world, you still see so many branded gifts and gadgets. What you might not know is that special events have gotten into the game with as much fervor as any swag-slinging trade-show booth. They show a tremendous zeal for creative items, making promotional products that are destined to become keepsakes as well as those that greatly enhance the experience of their attendees.

A Promotional Products Package that’s on fire!

At Black Duck, one event stands out for their incredible and wide-ranging approach to promotional products and gifts; The Burning of Zozobra.

The Burning of Zozobra Promotional Products - Printed T-Shirt

One of the many colorful T-shirt designs we have printed for The Burning of Zozobra

If you haven’t heard of this unique event, you really should read more about it. The burning of Zozobra in effigy started as a way for a few inspired artists in 1920’s Santa Fe to chase away gloom. It has since become a huge regional event. The Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe organizes the event as a means to fund and promote their charitable work. They employ an amazing number of volunteers, each of which clamors to get one of Black Duck’s unique creations for the event- sublimated patches. The fact that sublimation printing is a fully digital technique allows us to create patches specific to almost every role, each with individual text and icons.

The Burning of Zozobra Promotional Products - Sublimated Patches

Sublimated Patches for the City of Santa Fe, ‘The Wizard’, and the Alcalde.

The Burning of Zozobra keeps up the promotional products excellence with automotive window decals, temporary tattoos for the participants, embossed metal challenge coins, keychains, fully sublimated lanyards, and even custom-labeled lip balm. There’s something for everyone in this selection, up to and including custom-printed shopping bags to carry your haul!

The Burning of Zozobra Promotional Products - coin, keychain, lanyard, car window decal, lip balm, and temporary tattoos.

Check out that full-color flame on the sublimated lanyard!

If the previous items were all that they produced, we’d already call the Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe our promotional products all-stars, but they’ve added an impressive item that makes the package complete. With a character like Old Man Gloom, you can’t overestimate the power of a three-dimensional representation. What could recreate the puppet antics of Zozobra in a more lively fashion than a custom bobblehead? Though they have to be ordered in large quantities, the impression they make is beyond compare.

The Burning of Zozobra Promotional Products - Custom Bobbleheads

Not quite as impressive as the 50 foot original, but easier to fit in your car.

We’re honored that The Burning of Zozobra uses our embroidery and screen printed garments, but being able to put together the entire delightful package of custom promotional products has been particularly satisfying for the creative minds here at Black Duck.

When you want a complete promotional products package like the one we created for The Kiwanis Club of Santa Fe, you don’t have to burn a 50 foot tall marionette to get our attention; all you have to do is call 505-884-3656, email ( or check us out at!

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