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What is Sublimation Printing and What Can It Do for You?

All-Over Sublimation at Black Duck, of Black Duck!

You may have heard the term ‘sublimation’ going around lately. Some apparel decorators call it dye-sub, or dye sublimation printing, but no matter what you call it, sublimation printing is a versatile, digital printing method, says Manuel Barris, that opens up a world of opportunities to any […]

Embroidery Innovators at Black Duck Premier new 3D Product for EnMart

When the decorated apparel industry looks for new techniques and styles, Albuquerque’s own Black Duck is always on their radar. When the illustrious EnMart, suppliers of quality products for the embroidery and heat-printing industries wanted to launch their entirely new product for producing three-dimensional embroidery, they only had one decorator (and digitizer ūüėČ )¬† in […]

Distressed Applique – Get that Vintage Collegiate Look!


The right mix of fit and vintage finish makes this sport sweatshirt a winner.

We’ve got another gem from the new offerings we’re taking to this year’s¬†Keller Williams Family Reunion¬†that we’d like to show you. We created this¬†show-stopping sweatshirt, complete with¬†extremely distressed applique¬†to get that¬†vintage athletic apparel¬†feeling for all the folks from Keller Williams. Long […]

Product Spotlight: The Glacier Soft-Shell Jacket

Even the mannequin looks fantastic!

Does your company’s outerwear look as good as it works? Is is versatile and yet have that professional, styled look you crave? If not, keep reading- The Glacier Soft-Shell jacket isn’t one of our bestsellers without good reason.

With the New Mexico weather fluctuating from frosty to spring-like in a matter […]