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What is Appliqué? – Machine Embroidery Basics

(It’s easy for folks like us  who have been in this industry for years to forget to explain the basics when we discuss apparel decoration with our customers, family and friends. To that end, we’ll be posting Basics posts from time to time to answer customer questions. – EC)

Simple letters with a single color […]

Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2012

No sooner do we see a hint of spring than the good people at Pantone have already released the colors to get you ready for the fall fashion season!

Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2012 – Fashion Design Trends –

The ladies colors are vibrant, if a bit more saturated than those slated for this spring, […]

Fair Use and Free Art: Misconceptions about Copyright – For Customers

(This is an edited version of an article that appeared on my blog for Stitches Magazine, redirected toward customer education. – EC)

Copyright is a sticky subject- luckily I got this image from the public domain material at Wikimedia Commons

We often encounter requests to reproduce copyrighted images in our trade, and for flagrant violations  (for […]

Check out Pantone’s Spring 2012 Colors

Those masters of color at Pantone have released their latest report on the colors that will shape apparel and accessories in the season to come! It’s no surprise to see their 2012 pick for color of the year, Tangerine Tango, featured heavily in their designer-made collections, but what does it mean for business apparel?  It’s […]

3 ways to make your year-end budget surplus pay off in the new year!

Coordinating shirts now come in a range of styles, colors, and fits – perfect for your logo and staff.

Here in the last week of the year, many of our customers who visit the showroom at Black Duck are raring to get an order underway so it can count as a purchase made on the […]

Painting the Town (or Showroom) Red – Black Duck in Stitches Magazine

Doug and Dana in Stitches

The fine folks at Stitches Magazine have decided to feature us and a photo of our owners, Doug and Dana Bird before one of the walls in our famously crimson conference room in their latest issue. We were selected due to our bold use of color in the decoration of […]

3 Ways to Reduce Art Costs

Sometimes we have to charge for the creation or revision of your source material to get the clean art we need in order to create the most eye-catching printed and embroidered garments. Though art preparation services are part of what we offer as a complete decoration and design service, the truth is that though we love creating […]

3 Tips for Headwear Design Domination

Do you find yourself squinting at your headwear, wondering how the awesome logo you dropped off with your decorator became this awful, cramped and tiny blob? Are you wishing for a retail look like your favorite promotional hat, or that cap you bought to support your favorite team? Do you wish that your headwear had the awesome visual impact of the stuff you see in the stores? We’re here to help.

3 2010 Trends We’ll See Again

This multimedia print and rough-cut appliqué was a hit for Sandia Prep

Though there are many trends we’ve seen rise and fall in the garment decoration industry, some of the processes, applications, and types of decoration that came through our doors this year seem destined either to dovetail into the next fashion-forward craze on the […]