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Black Duck Embroiders Performance Polo for Wearables Magazine Cover

When you want to represent ‘The Perfect Order’, you can always call on Black Duck Embroidery and Screen Printing. At least, that’s what the good people of Wearables Magazine decided for their most recent cover art! Our award-winning embroidery digitizer and our team of expert embroiderers set about making a simple embroidery as stunning as […]

Black Duck in Stitches Magazine’s “Top Shops 2015”

Black Duck Screen Printing and Embroidery earned another national honor as Stitches Magazine saw fit to select us as one of only four shops featured in their recent list of ‘Top Shops’ for 2015, taking the first position in the article. Hailed as ‘The Problem Solvers’, Black Duck was selected both for our ability to […]

Black Duck Places for Best Embroidery in Wearables Magazine

Black Duck has received another honor!¬† February’s Wearables Magazine announces the winners of their 2014 Apparel Design Awards. You’ll see that one of our entries, specifically a cute and cuddly embroidered dog hoodie, is shown under the Best Embroidery category where we took the second runner-up spot!

Competing with major apparel vendors and decorators means that […]

Black Duck’s Holiday Embroidery in Stitches Magazine’s November Look Book

Black Duck’s gracing the pages of this month’s Stitches Magazine with a simple, but elegant holiday embroidery design!

The sparkling metallic gold tree with the interesting hip placement is featured alongside other industry greats in Stitches’s one-page feature on the holiday decoration niche market. While many people tend to think of the holidays as a time […]

Unique Decoration Placement on Hoodies

We’ve printed and embroidered in unique places on many garments, but this run-down from Transfer express shows some great options you may have missed for decorating on hoodies and other custom outerwear:

Unique Transfer Placement on a Hoodie | Transfer Express – Articles about Custom Transfers.


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50 Years In Color – Annual Color Report – GDUSA

With global authority on color Pantone celebrating it’s 50th anniversary, it’s a great time to take a look back at the history of color- Check out this great article from GDUSA for color cues and trivia galore!

50 Years In Color – Annual Color Report – GDUSA – May 2013.

Just think, we can find […]

Embroidery Innovators at Black Duck Premier new 3D Product for EnMart

When the decorated apparel industry looks for new techniques and styles, Albuquerque’s own Black Duck is always on their radar. When the illustrious EnMart, suppliers of quality products for the embroidery and heat-printing industries wanted to launch their entirely new product for producing three-dimensional embroidery, they only had one decorator (and digitizer ūüėČ )¬† in […]

Black Duck’s work for Il Vicino featured in Impressions Magazine’s Embroidery Digitizing Artistry Gallery!

The staff at Impressions Magazine have seen fit to feature yet another one of our designs in their latest online gallery!

This cap for Il Vicino's new I.V. Brewery and Canteen is a great rendition of their classic canteen logo.

This time, we’re being hailed for our Embroidery Digitizing Artistry in creating this simple, clean and […]

Fair Use and Free Art: Misconceptions about Copyright – For Customers

(This is an edited version of an article that appeared on my blog for Stitches Magazine, redirected toward customer education. – EC)

Copyright is a sticky subject- luckily I got this image from the public domain material at Wikimedia Commons

We often encounter requests to reproduce copyrighted images in our trade, and for flagrant violations¬† (for […]

Distressed Applique – Get that Vintage Collegiate Look!


The right mix of fit and vintage finish makes this sport sweatshirt a winner.

We’ve got another gem from the new offerings we’re taking to this year’s¬†Keller Williams Family Reunion¬†that we’d like to show you. We created this¬†show-stopping sweatshirt, complete with¬†extremely distressed applique¬†to get that¬†vintage athletic apparel¬†feeling for all the folks from Keller Williams. Long […]