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Runners-Up, but Still Running Strong!

This awesome band shirt would look great on any rock crew member, but it was created specifically for our final multimedia entry.

While it may be true that everybody would rather win first place in any contest when given the choice, when you are in the kind of company we shared during Wearables Magazine‘s Top […]

Blog Spotlight – Creating Art for T-shirts: Common Rookie Mistakes Defined

There's a lot of art out there, good and well, not so great. Maybe it's time for some tips!


Creating Art for T-shirts: Common Rookie Mistakes Defined

There are a lot of designs out there, but this great article by Marshall Atkinson gives priceless tips about creating great original art for T-shirts that just might […]

Fair Use and Free Art: Misconceptions about Copyright – For Customers

(This is an edited version of an article that appeared on my blog for Stitches Magazine, redirected toward customer education. – EC)

Copyright is a sticky subject- luckily I got this image from the public domain material at Wikimedia Commons

We often encounter requests to reproduce copyrighted images in our trade, and for flagrant violations  (for […]

Bring on the Glam – A Stitches Magazine Fashion Shoot featuring Black Duck

This lacy-backed dress made an excellent canvas for Erich's metalwork-inspired designs.

As we hinted in a previous post, the work of Black Duck’s embroidery digitizer, Erich Campbell, has been featured in Stitches Magazine’s latest fashion shoot, “Bring on the Glam” with his medieval, Anglo-Saxon inspired ethnic embroidery styling. Erich also posted about it on his […]

Fine Art on T-Shirts – Elevating the Humble Tee

Though it looks better in person, you can see the deep level of detail in this initial test print.

Have you ever wanted to place something truly artistic on a T-shirt? If your art is more than the average logo, or if you are promoting truly fine works, there’s no reason why screen printing can’t […]

3 Ways to Reduce Art Costs

Sometimes we have to charge for the creation or revision of your source material to get the clean art we need in order to create the most eye-catching printed and embroidered garments. Though art preparation services are part of what we offer as a complete decoration and design service, the truth is that though we love creating […]