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Black Duck Embroiders Performance Polo for Wearables Magazine Cover

When you want to represent ‘The Perfect Order’, you can always call on Black Duck Embroidery and Screen Printing. At least, that’s what the good people of Wearables Magazine decided for their most recent cover art! Our award-winning embroidery digitizer and our team of expert embroiderers set about making a simple embroidery as stunning as […]

Black Duck Screen Printing and Embroidery in Wearables Magazine’s Top Decorator Final Round!

Black Duck Screen Printing and Embroidery has been competing with the top apparel decorators in the country, and we’re proud to say we’ve made it to the final round!  Wearables Magazine pitted decorators against each-other in contests involving every aspect of apparel decorating, from design and concept creation, to the use of special-effects inks and […]

Black Duck – Cover Artists for Stitches Magazine!

(Now that we have author tags enabled for the upcoming addition of new blog contributors from the shop, I’ll be writing this post in the first person, seeing as it’s about my project!  -EC)

Stitches Magazine – Featuring the work of Black Duck!

I’m happy to announce that the January issue of the matchless […]