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Sustainable Trade-Show Apparel | via Ask Mr. Green

From trade-show experts Exhibitor magazine comes this interesting and timely blog post about choosing green/sustainable decorated corporate apparel.

Ask Mr. Green – EXHIBITOR magazine.

If your company needs decorated apparel or workwear of any kind, whether organic, recycled, or recyclable, we can provide you with a green alternative at Black Duck!

This Bamboo Blend Polo […]

Painting the Town (or Showroom) Red – Black Duck in Stitches Magazine

Doug and Dana in Stitches

The fine folks at Stitches Magazine have decided to feature us and a photo of our owners, Doug and Dana Bird before one of the walls in our famously crimson conference room in their latest issue. We were selected due to our bold use of color in the decoration of […]

3 Reasons to Wear your Logo Every Day

Realtors often use logowear to sell 24-7, shouldn't you?

You already know that wearing your organization’s logo is great for identifying you staff and building team spirit, but that’s for office hours and weekdays, right?  Though it’s a must to look professional when you are on the job, with the comfortable, stylish, and functional apparel […]