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Promotional Products Package: The Burning of Zozobra

Attention is what promotional products are all about!

It’s no secret that promotional products get your name and image out into the public eye and provide a great deal of return.  Each time your image is seen costs less for promotional products than almost any other form of advertising. That’s why, even in our largely digital […]

Dion’s Apron featured by Impressions Magazine

Impressions Magazine posted their latest gallery of inspirational decorated apparel today, and in this latest MULTIMEDIA and Digitizing Artistry gallery, Black Duck was prominently featured through our one-of-a-kind apron for local favorite, Dion’s Pizza!  Created from a design once used for company reward jackets, this beatiful, but work-sturdy apron features a detailed rendition […]

3 Tips for Headwear Design Domination

Do you find yourself squinting at your headwear, wondering how the awesome logo you dropped off with your decorator became this awful, cramped and tiny blob? Are you wishing for a retail look like your favorite promotional hat, or that cap you bought to support your favorite team? Do you wish that your headwear had the awesome visual impact of the stuff you see in the stores? We’re here to help.

3 2010 Trends We’ll See Again

This multimedia print and rough-cut appliqué was a hit for Sandia Prep

Though there are many trends we’ve seen rise and fall in the garment decoration industry, some of the processes, applications, and types of decoration that came through our doors this year seem destined either to dovetail into the next fashion-forward craze on the […]

Fast Friends : Black Duck Success Stories

[By popular request, we’re re-running edited versions of some of our “success stories” from an e-mail ad campaign that we did in recent years. Here’s the first of a few of these fun thumbnail sketches of our apparel solutions that just might help you see what Black Duck can do for you. -ed]

Scotty's […]

Black Duck on the Cover of Impressions Magazine

February 2010 Cover of Impressions Magazine

Here at Black Duck we pride ourselves on producing quality garments for every client, no matter if their designs are simple or complex.  That said, we were pleasantly surprised to see that one of our entries into 2009’s Impressions Magazine contest was featured prominently on their cover, and throughout […]

3 Reasons to Wear your Logo Every Day

Realtors often use logowear to sell 24-7, shouldn't you?

You already know that wearing your organization’s logo is great for identifying you staff and building team spirit, but that’s for office hours and weekdays, right?  Though it’s a must to look professional when you are on the job, with the comfortable, stylish, and functional apparel […]